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Purpose | History | Organization | Assistance

» Purpose

The general purpose of the Association is to promote sharing of information among members and to provide a unified voice for the expression of programmatic needs. To achieve such purpose, the Association seeks the following objectives:

  • Encourage the development and enhancement of a coordinated and unified network on aging in the Southeast.
  • Advocate actions and education to increase visibility and credibility of the aging network.
  • Provide a unified group of voices to congress, AoA, the public/private sectors, the National Coalition of Aging Organizations, and other significant groups or individuals in communicating issues on behalf of older Americans.
  • Support and enhance the work of Area Agencies on Aging and their state associations.
  • Design and implement specialized training to strengthen and enhance the Southeast Aging Network.

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» History

The Southeastern Association of AAAs (SE4A) was organized in 1973 by several Area Agencies in the Southeast Region, which included representatives from eight states and was a result of their concern over national and regional issues facing Area Agencies on Aging attempting to establish viable programs for the elderly. The major thrust of the initiatives in establishing the Association centered around problem solving, training, and dissemination of information pertinent to assisting Area Agencies on Aging in implementing, improving, and/or expanding comprehensive and coordinated services for older people throughout the Southeast. One of the major goals established for the Association was to coordinate an Annual Training Conference region-wide. This thrust has been continued throughout the existence of the Association. It provides the mechanisms necessary to promote skill development, professional knowledge, best practice sharing, and information exchange.

The Association established a central contact office in 1980 under the leadership of the 1980 President, George Dick, when the Association decided to incorporate. The contact office was originally established within the First Tennessee Area Agency on Aging, 207 North Boone Street, Suite 800, Johnson City, Tennessee 37604. The Association became chartered and incorporated under the laws of the State of Tennessee in 1981 under the leadership of Sandra Ray, President, 1981. In an effort to continue formalizing the purpose of the Association, the Association received tax exempt status as a 501 (c) (3) organization in 1982 under the leadership of Mr. Tom Reece, President, 1982. Today, the Association continues its incorporation status in the State of Tennessee with the corporation’s Registered Agent being Nancy C. Peace, Director of the Upper Cumberland Area Agency on Aging in Cookeville, Tennessee.

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» Organization

SE4A is a non-profit membership organization operated through a Board of Directors. Each member state appoints three delegates and one alternate to the board of directors which meets four times during the year.

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» Assistance

SE4A sponsors a Disaster Relief Initiative implemented to assist AAA's within the eight states who have experienced a disaster. The purpose of the Disaster Relief Initiative is:

  • To respond to the needs of the Area Agencies on Aging before, during and after natural or manmade disasters

  • Develop a communication system that will provide information from the affected areas to other AAA's within SE4A

  • Develop a Disaster Escrow Fund that can be accessed by SE4A member

For the purpose of the SE4A Disaster Action Plan, a Disaster is defined as any natural or manmade situation that is declared by the Governor of the State or the President as a Disaster. (Examples: Flood, hurricane, tornado, ice storm, etc.) SE4A will establish a Disaster Email Distribution List made up of a contact person from each AAA. Each AAA will designate an AAA Disaster Contact Person (may be the AAA Director). The Disaster Email Distribution List will be maintained by the SE4A Secretary. The designated AAA Disaster Contact Person may access the Disaster Communication System by notifying the SE4A Secretary of the declaration of a Disaster by the Governor or President.

AAA's may use the Disaster Communication System to:

  • Notify other AAA's of their status
  • Request Resource Information
  • Request Volunteer Assistance
  • Request In Kind Contributions

When contacting the SE4A Secretary to have information distributed through the Disaster Communication System, the AAA Disaster Contact Person must provide the SE4A Secretary with the name of a contact person, email phone number, address, etc. and details of the type of assistance needed. This way AAA's responding to the request for assistance can contact directly the AAA in need.

SE4A will budget $1000 annually to the Disaster Escrow Fund (The SE4A Board could vote to not make this allocation if there is more than $5000 in the Fund or the Budget cannot accommodate the allocation). The escrow fund will also serve as an emergency account that will allow the association to accept donations, grants and other monetary gifts on behalf of the AAA(s) whose planning area has been affected by a disaster.

Each disaster will be dealt with independently, based on the circumstances. Any eligible AAA based on the Eligibility Criteria may receive up to $2000 (depending on availability of funds in the Disaster Escrow Fund) and any other designated funds. All donations, grants and other monetary gifts made to the Disaster Escrow Fund on behalf of a specific AAA will be allocated to the designated AAA.

The SE4A Board of Directors will address requests exceeding $2000. The Executive Committee will be empowered to act between scheduled Board meetings in urgent situations. The Executive Committee is empowered to authorize additional funds not to exceed $5,000 (depending on available of funds in the Disaster Escrow Fund). Such actions will be reviewed and ratified at the next full Board meeting.

The Budget and Finance Committee will be responsible for the maintenance of the Disaster Escrow Fund and the dissemination of information to the membership about the existence of the SE4A Disaster Action Plan and Procedures for access.

The SE4A Board will make all decisions related to the implementation of these procedures.
Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any AAA within the member states of the Southeastern Association of Area Agencies on Aging will be eligible for funds and assistance from the association (Membership in SE4A is not required to receive assistance from the Disaster Escrow Fund)
  • The AAA must be declared a disaster by the Governor of the State of the President of the United States.
  • The Disaster Assistance Request Form must be completed and submitted to the chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee of SE4A.

Procedures for Requesting Disaster Assistance:

  • The Area Agency on Aging will complete the SE4A Disaster Assistance Request Form to request funds.
  • The completed form may be sent to any of the local state SE4A Board members to be submitted to the state's member of the Budget and Finance Committee.
  • The local state member of the Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for the review and verification of the request by the AAA(s).
  • The local state member of the Budget and Finance Committee is responsible forwarding the request to the Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee.
  • The Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee may approve up to $2000 if the requesting AAA meets the eligibility criteria and completes the process.
  • Amounts requested exceeding $2,000 must be submitted to the SE4A President. The SE4A President will review the request and notify the board members of the request. If notification to all board members is not feasible, the President will enact the Executive Committee to make a decision on the request. Such actions will be reviewed and ratified at the next full Board meeting.
  • The Treasurer is authorized to process payment once the appropriate steps are complete.
  • The Treasurer will notify the local state member of the Budget and Finance Committee and the applying AAA of the approved or disapproved request that was received by their state AAA(s).
  • The SE4A Board will make all decisions related to the implementation of these procedures.

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