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2023 SE4A Awards Winners - Awards PDF

SE4A presents six annual award categories to acknowledge services to older adults: Jane Kennedy Excellence in Aging, Positive Images in Aging, Public/Private Corporate Partnerships, Outstanding Community Service, Outstanding Volunteer in Aging, and Aging Impact. Recipients are recognized and honored at the Annual SE4A Conference Luncheon. Deadline for submission for 2024 TBD.


Click on each link below to download the application:


Jane Kennedy Excellence in Aging recognizes an individual or organization that promotes the safety, welfare, and well-being of older persons in the Southeast region. (Paid AAA staff are not eligible for this award)


Positive Images in Aging recognizes a group, agency, or business in the private and/or public sector who have presented a positive image of older adults through their efforts in advertising, hiring practices, etc. whose platform has impacted a large market.


Corporate Partnership recognizes a AAA and Business partnership which has enhanced the quality of life of older adults.  (Corporation is a for-profit business)


Outstanding Community Service recognizes a faith-based institution, service agency and organization, civic club, or governmental department that has made positive contributions to the lives of older adults.


Outstanding Volunteer recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution through volunteering his or her time in the Southeast aging network.


Aging Impact recognizes public policy makers at the city/county, regional/state, and nation levels who have made an observable and measurable impact on the quality of life for older adults by providing leadership in one or more areas: Advocacy, Public Policy Change, Securing New or Additional Funding, Program Development, and/or Cultural Enhancement.


In addition to these six awards, The Honorary Lifetime Membership Award is given each year to qualified former AAA Directors who have served on the SE4A Board.

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