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Disaster Assistance

SE4A sponsors a Disaster Relief Initiative implemented to assist Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) within the nine states who have experienced a disaster. The purpose of the Disaster Relief Initiative is:


  • To respond to the needs of the AAA before, during and after natural or manmade disasters (Examples: Flood, hurricane, tornado, ice storm, etc.).

  • Develop a Disaster Escrow Fund that can be accessed by SE4A members.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Any AAA within the member states of SE4A will be eligible for funds and assistance from the association.  Paid membership in SE4A is required to receive assistance from the Disaster Escrow Fund.

  • The AAA must be declared a disaster by the Governor of the State or the President of the United States.

  • The Disaster Assistance Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Budget and Finance Committee of SE4A.


Requesting Funds

The AAA will complete the SE4A Disaster Assistance Request Form and submit to their state’s member of the Budget and Finance Committee to request funds.


The local state member of the Budget and Finance Committee will review and verify before forwarding to the Chair of the Committee.


Eligible AAAs may receive up to $2,000 depending on availability in the Disaster Escrow Fund.  All donations, grants and other monetary gifts made to the Disaster Escrow Fund on behalf of a specific AAA will be allocated to the designated AAA.

The SE4A Board of Directors will address requests exceeding $2,000. 


The local state member of the Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for the six-month report from the approved AAA applicant.

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